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In the Name of The Creator of the Heavens and the Earth
Asalaamualaikum and Peace,

"Disrespect in the dialogue between African-American men and women reflects anger and/or hatred, of or with, either ourselves and/or with each other; Disrespect in this dialogue keeps the war going or starts new wars; Disrespect in this dialogue is a tactic used to interfere with the discovery of remedies that could be used to solve our problems; Disrespect in this dialogue reflects internal weaknesses and a lack of intellectual strength; Disrespect in this dialogue is used to divide and conquer; Disrespect in this dialogue is used by Willie Lynch's agents."

*(Special Note: 'The Willie Lynch Letter' is not fake.
I pray that The Creator curses me if I am lying about this testimony. Ameen! Ameen! Ameen!
I first read the letter in a book that I got from a State Library, not a County Library, in the late 1970's, early 1980's, when the Dewey Decimal System card catalog was still in libraries.
There are many secret documents in existence that we will never know about nor see, but All Praise is due to The Creator, He allowed the 'Willie Lynch Letter' to finally come to light for our rejuvenation and benefit!)

"In order to bring healing and resolution to many Black people in this Black "gender war', it requires mature minds, who are able to accept and bypass the MANY differences of others, in order to focus on the commonalities."

"Beware of the Elders who disrespect the respectful Youth, because it is these Elders who, like with History, would cause the Youth to repeat the same mistakes;
Beware of the Youth who disrespect the respectful Elders, because it these Youth who, like with History, will repeat all or many of the same mistakes.
Beware of them - they are not fit for leadership, because through their disrespect they attract hatred, confusion, revenge, and very bad karma, which puts themselves and their followers in extreme danger.
They have a Curse on them.
Disrespectful Elders and disrespectful Youth do not walk the earth humbly; They overlook the fact that there is always someone who loves and fears The Creator of the Heavens and the Earth even more than they, or who loves and worships Satan even more than they; or who is a bigger and more powerful Atheist than they; who is even more fearless of people; who is stronger, more intelligent, with access to more resources; who has an even longer reach - who is definitely bigger and badder."

*On Black men and Black women
"We Black´╗┐ women need to apologize and rectify the damage that was done during the 1970's by many Black women who said 'Black Men Ain't Shi*'.
That was truly mean, very immature, and very unjust, because that statement included ALL Black men, and did not celebrate and give credit to those men who were 'family responsible' and socially responsible'.
We Black women can make videos and write blogs honoring and telling stories of responsible Black men, while thanking them for their excellence.
In order for us to heal as a people, we must really 'hear' what each other is saying and not say, "No!' that's not it - this is the reason!"We also need to stop saying ALL Black men and women, because some Black men and women love pimping and whoring, and other Black people love Marriage.
We also need to use words like 'some', 'many' and 'most', because when we say ALL Black people, we in fact make conditions worse than they really are, and again give no credit to those Black men and women who are on point.

"Peace to the nice White people.
I really appreciate, honor, and respect all the help and sacrifices, even with their lives, that some in your race have made for the benefit and upliftment of us African-American people. Thank you very, very, very, much for that.
I pray that The Creator gives you something very beautiful for your humanity. :D
Ameen! Ameen! Ameen!
I could never ever never say 'thank you' enough for their, and possibly your wonderful sense of humanity.
Please, there is something that I think you need to discuss with your people who are racists and oppressive, so that you can take precautions.
Please read in the Old Testament of The Bible, Deuteronomy Chapters 27 - Chapter 30, but please pay very close attention to Deuteronomy, Chapter 30 verse 7.
My sincere respect to those White people who believe in Justice regardless of skin color."
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