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Angela Burt Murray Needs to Be Fired

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Angela Burt Murray Needs to Be Fired (Black women's double standard)Original Air Date: 6-11-2009 10:30 pm

1st segment of the show Sergeant Willie Pete and Kobenbawest will be discussing the double standard of who is a sell out. Can a black woman ever be considered a sell out? Angela Burt Murray of Essence magazine and the article praising black women for dating white men along with the comments of support of black women. But what if black men did this in a magazine? Would it be a new Hiroshima? Here is the essence magazine article. Be sure to read the comments from the Black women. _relationships Here is Sarge's Video commentary on the above topic;title=Angela_Burt_Murray_Needs_To_Be_Fired In Our 2nd segment we will be discussing video blogger Stylistic from "Nutward Television" and his video "Hello Mr Writa" where he discusses taunting tactics and suppression of opposition speech from certain individuals. you can view the video here

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